World's first smart ovulation predictor kit

Transform your smartphone into a modern fertility guide.

Let your smartphone be smart

No more guessing. - our smart scanner allows your phone camera to read your ovulation test data accurately.

  • No additional devices with often unreliable connections required
  • Results are instantly interpreted and conveniently stored in your phone
Eveline Smart Scanner
Eveline Smart Tracking

Track it and forget it

No more tedious recordkeeping - allow Eveline’s AI algorithm to track and learn your unique cycles.

  • Get automatic alerts when ovulating
  • App lets you know when it’s time to test again

When the time is right, the mood is right

Starting a family takes two - Eveline ensures you and your partner are aware when it’s time to get intimate.

  • Your peak fertility window appears in the app calendar
  • Share the good news with your partner when the timing is right
Eveline Peak Fertility

Eveline vs Other Methods

Eveline Vs other methods
* Requires Eveline.Care

They got pregnant after using Eveline

What our users have to say

I wish I knew about this sooner

The app helped me accurately track of my schedule because it records everything for me! It’s the first time I am not getting inaccurate smiling faces, and so far, I’m liking it!

The best ovulation strips ever loving it!👍

I love how the strips are made very different with a pop out tab to view results way better than regular strips where u get urine on your hands.

It’s super easy to use.

I like it! This is the first ovulation kit I’m using and so far I am not having any problems with it. It’s super easy to use by the way, and the app is the straightforward.

The app makes my life better

I like how I can subtly tell my husband it’s sexy time because through the app I can send him notifications in just one tap.

Quick and easy

I must say this is the quickest ovulation test I have ever used. It's nice it logs results, and logs everything else you may need in your TTC journey there's even a spot for temp charting.

It’s pretty much accurate

I think the app and the test strips are very accurate. I also think the app is very innovative, and it removed the burden of recording each tests from me. Plus it works on my iPhone!

Five Stars

Very nicely build App. Smart approach. Very innovative method and well build product. My wife loves this very much.

I am saying goodbye to smelly test strips!

I bought a lot of OPKs and decided to try them out altogether. I wasted a lot of money with the other test strips (over $200 of them) and only Eveline showed true results to me.

Starr Ponds
Evenline Smart Ovulation Test

This product works great with your phone and easy to use. Takes away trying to figure out if what is the results and keeping track is a breeze because It's results are on your phone.


Eventually, the APP made me decide that it would be worth trying. Compared to other test strips, I am not sure if they are as of good quality as Eveline.

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No longer lost on your journey to conceive

From the moment you and your partner decide to start (or expand) your family, you’re already on a beautiful and exciting journey.
It may seem challenging at times, but Eveline is here to guide you.

Tracking done right the first time

Looking for a smarter way to track your ovulation so you can get back to life? See more about what Eveline does to support your journey.

Understanding my fertility

Not sure how to start your journey toward parenthood? Find out more about what’s going on with your body.