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Eveline Smart Fertility System automatically reads & tracks your urinary ovulation test results to identify the 5 fertile days in your cycle.

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Knowing The Right Timing is Critical
Conceiving a child can be a real struggle for some couples. As we all know, there are only 5 fertile days in a month and figuring out those days accurately can be complicated. 

Eveline eliminates the guesswork in conception timing and most importantly get rid of the stress around it!

Your chance of conceiving is doubled when you time intercourse accurately.
You Can Now Decide What’s The Best For You!
Presenting The Eveline Smart Fertility System! 
Eveline utilizes your smartphone's camera (front) to read the results from test strips with 99% accuracy.

The mobile app shows and records test results on for maximum convenience. 

In addition, the Eveline Smart Fertility System provides you with comprehensive data and an innovative push notification system, so that you know when to take the test, and when the peak days are. 

Why settle on costly or unreliable alternatives, when the most affordable and efficient solution is available? 
Supported OS:  iOS 9.0 or later (iPhone 5s later) / Android 5.1.1 or later​
Technology & Innovation At Your Side
The Eveline Smart Fertility System is utilizing the latest advancements 
in technology to make your life easier. 
The Magic Reader
Utilizing the front camera of your phone, our algorithm analyses the test results automatically, the status icons make it easy to understand.
The Smart App
Our app does the miracle work. It calculates the next peak, saves data for future tracking, reminds you when the peak days are via push notifications. 
Eveline Removes All Your Stresses in 3 Easy Steps
Simple Urine Tests
Use the simple urine test a few days prior to your menstrual period. Our OB-GYN-recommended strips can detect the surge of LH level, which is the ovulation indicator.
Our Miracle App Go To Work
The handy clip-on reader that is attached to your smartphone’s front camera will automatically analyze the results and record them in the app for future tracking!
It's Baby-Making Time!
The app will take care of the rest. You will be duly notified to re-take the test in order to confirm the results. Finally, you will be reminded in advance that your fertile days are coming up! From then on, it’s up to you! ;)
Our Beta Testers Love Eveline

“For people that maybe haven't tried the calendar method and they're just doing ovulation test... Eveline is beautiful, this is something simple...pee, clip it on, know, and it tracks it. Which this would be nice for somebody that was a first time user.”

“I already have to take pictures of it [ovulation testing results], so the phones [with Eveline's app] are already taking pictures of it for me, and comparing day to day, which is great to have it, like all-in one spot instead of having my calendar, my test and my pictures of them. It's great that it's all-in-one.

“This is exactly what I was looking for. I wished there was an APP that would help me analyze my test results, so I'm not just relying on my own judgement. It would remove all my stresses. And now, there is Eveline. It's like my dream comes true.”

Stress Free Conceiving is Our Mission
The Eveline team is on a mission to remove of stress out of conceiving. We believe we have an easy, accurate & affordable solution for women to take control of their cycle and make the babymaking process enjoyable.

We need your support to get the words out and share our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to people who are planning their pregnancies.
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